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Triana, Palmas de Gran Canaria, Las JUST IN

Flat for sale
310.000€ (£ 279.279 app.) (1.606,21€/m²)


Reference: 357131 - CK1176,  Size: 193m²,  Bedrooms: 4,  Bathrooms: 3,  Furnished: Not furnished,  Garage: No,  Floor: Street level,  Lounges: 2,  Independent dining room: Yes ,  Furnished kitchen: Not,  Kitchen type: Independent,  Courtyards: 2,  Location: Exterior,  Storage room: Yes,  Hot water: Individual,  Type hot water: Electric heater,  No. of floors: 4,  Lift: Yes,  Neighbors: 1,  Condition: To renovate/modernise,  Availability: Unoccupied,  Doorman: No ,  Handicapped access: No,  Comunity fee: 40€ .

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